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The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global alliance of civil-society groups, farmers' organizations, UN agencies (including FAO), NGOs and research institutes. It works to secure land rights for family farmers. It is an important partner in activities that document the performance of large-scale corporate and entrepreneurial farming, which openly competes with family farms. ILC and WAW will collaborate on mapping corporate farms to avoid overlap.

The goal of the 207 members of ILC is to achieve participatory and nationally owned land governance that meets the needs of the women, men, families and communities who live off the land.

To achieve this goal, ILC supports its members in three strategic ways:

  • It connects its members to each other and to external change actors, creating opportunities for dialogue, mutual learning and joint action.
  • It mobilizes its members by conducting informed and effective actions, using accessible and actionable tools and knowledge, and leading the way for innovation, pilot projects and upscaling.
  • It influences key policymakers, including governments, their partners, the private sector and investors, to consider civil-society organizations a legitimate and indispensable interlocutor and encourages policymakers to partner with them to establish participative land governance that serves the needs of rural people.

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