На данной странице приведена информация о Всемирном форуме по бананам – постоянной площадке для представителей глобальной цепочки производства и сбыта бананов, которая была создана для налаживания открытого диалога о проблемах банановой отрасли. Она поможет составить общее представление о ВФБ и его целях и задачах.

World Banana Forum

Bananas are the world’s most exported fresh fruit (US$10bn/year). They are an essential source of income for thousands of rural households in developing countries. However, agrochemical-intensive production along with declining producer prices has given rise to many environmental and social challenges. These can only be properly addressed if all the stakeholders actively collaborate.

The World Banana Forum (WBF) is a space where the main stakeholders of the global banana supply-chain work together to achieve consensus on best practices for sustainable production and trade. We believe collaboration is the key for progress.

The WBF brings together retailers, importers, producers, exporters, consumer associations, governments, research institutions, trade unions, and civil society organizations. 

The WBF has three main Working Groups (WG) which address the most urgent sustainability challenges:

WG01 | Sustainable Production Systems and Environmental Impact (environmental sustainability) Promotes the sustainable management of natural resources, mitigation of environmental impacts and adaptation to climate change.

WG02 | Distribution of Value (economic sustainability) Works towards a fairer distribution of value along the whole banana supply chain.

WG03 | Labour Rights (social sustainability) Promotes the respect for human rights: labour rights, occupational health and safety at work, gender equity and decent work.