Fusarium Tropical race 4 (TR4)

Today’s global banana production is seriously threatened by a strain of the soil-borne fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense Tropical race 4 (Foc TR4). Given this, countless efforts are being made to address the challenge of TR4 on behalf of diverse stakeholders from all over the world. Collaboration is at the heart of the WBF. This has led to tackling the spread of TR4 by building on the success of its TR4 Task Force, which was created in 2013. Therefore, the WBF has established the TR4 Global Network (TR4GN), acknowledging the need to invite far-reaching support from all interested parties in the process of halting TR4.

The TR4GN is a leading platform for exchange and collaboration that plays the role of a knowledge hub for awareness and prevention on the spread of the fungus. TR4GN supports the collection, development and dissemination of tools, information, capacity development materials and other resources that may contribute to generating awareness and knowledge to contain the fungus.

This initiative is essential due to the vital importance of banana production to food security and poverty reduction. Produced in more than 135 countries, bananas and plantains are a staple crop for the food security of 400 million people, as well as an essential source of income in many developing countries.

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