Giving Youth a Voice

YUNGA offers a platform for children and youth to make their voices heard around the world. The YUNGA Challenge Badges are bursting with ideas for how children and young people can speak up to their peers, family members, local communities and local or national governments about issues they are passionate about. But we also want to hear from you! So email us with your concerns, ideas and stories here. See more information on the ‘YOU’ section of this website.

Engaging youth in climate change discussions

YUNGA recognizes the importance of involving young people in international conferences and discussions. Since 2009, youth have been recognized as a civil society actor in the UNFCCC negotiation process. This constituency of Youth NGOs is known as ‘YOUNGO’. This success was thanks to the enormous drive and engagement the young people themselves brought to the process, supported by international institutions including UNFCCC, FAO, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNITAR – and YUNGA.

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Interacting with some of FAO’s most important processes

More generally, FAO also recognizes the importance of hearing young people’s opinions and priorities. For example, FAO coordinates and hosts the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), the intergovernmental body established in 1974 to review and follow up on food security policies in the UN system. The CFS is counseled by the largest international advisory group of civil society organizations: the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM). Since 2010, the CSM’s Coordination Committee also includes youth focal points, who represent the interests of youth organizations.