Can you imagine not using any water for a day? It’s almost impossible, and certainly not comfortable! Almost all human-made objects require the use of water at some point during their manufacture. There is so much water in our everyday lives, it’s very easy to just take it for granted. It is usually only once the rains stop and fresh water supplies dry up or are polluted that we remember we can’t afford to use water without thinking about how to ensure clean supplies for the future. To work towards providing everyone with enough, healthy water, 2013 was chosen to be the International Year of Water Cooperation. Many great initiatives were started – why don’t you get involved too? Let’s think about how to share this precious resource fairly and sustainably. Can you think of some clever ways to help preserve water in your homes? There is enough water for all of us, but sometimes good planning is needed to make sure it’s available where it’s most needed.

YOUR actions and ideas to save water today will help the world thrive and grow tomorrow! 

Other Water Resources

Indian youth walk for water on World Water Day (March 22nd).