Who we are

EUFMD Secretariat

Executive Secretary, Keith Sumption +390657055528

Pillar I supervisor, Mark Hovari +390657054548

Pillar II supervisor, Fabrizio Rosso +390657053088

Pillar III supervisor, Nick Lyons

Risk Management Support Officer,Graeme Garner +390657053982

Communication/Networks, Nadia Rumich +390657052637

Training Programme, Jenny Maud +390657055191

Component manager/STP, Dinara Imanbayeva +390657053460

Component manager Paolo Motta +390657052401

Component manager/STP Ruth Oliva Abascal +390657053101

Component manager/STP Ipek Keskin +390657053164

Component manager/STP Abdenacer Bakkouri +390657053068

Workplan manager Cecile Carraz +390657054033

HR, Travel and Training Erica Tomat  +390657056472

Operations and meetings Maurizio Licastro +390657053317

Operations and meetings Silvia Epps +390657053858

E-learning and training Chiara Addari +390657052079

Research and Finance assistant Filippo Pedulla' +390657053858

Intern for project cycle analysis Francesca Renzetti +390657054250

Component manager Kees Van Maanen

Component manager Chris Bartels

Component manager Melissa McLaws

Visibility manager Enrique Anton

Global report manager MariaTeresa Scicluna