Who we are

EUFMD Secretariat

Executive Secretary, Keith Sumption +390657055528

Pillar I supervisor, Mark Hovari +390657054548

Pillar II supervisor, Fabrizio Rosso +390657053088

Pillar III supervisor, Nick Lyons +390657050175

Risk Management Support Officer,Graeme Garner +390657053982

Communication/Networks, Nadia Rumich +390657055811

Training Programme, Jenny Maud +390657055191

Component manager/STP, Dinara Imanbayeva +390657053460

Component manager Paolo Motta +390657052401

Component manager/STP Ipek Keskin +390657053164

Component manager/STP Abdenacer Bakkouri +390657053068

Workplan manager Cecile Carraz +390657054033

HR, Travel and Training Erica Tomat  +390657056472

Operations and meetings Maurizio Licastro +390657053317

Operations and meetings Silvia Epps +390657053858

E-learning and training Chiara Addari +390657052079

Research and Finance assistant Filippo Pedulla' +390657053858

Intern for project cycle analysis Francesca Renzetti +390657054250

Intern Ross Bryan

Intern Tiziano Federici

Intern Alessandra Alviti

Intern JuanManuel AyerbePosada

Intern Angela Fanelli

Intern Fahima Amensour

Component manager Kees Van Maanen

Component manager Chris Bartels

Component manager Melissa McLaws

Visibility manager Enrique Anton

Global report manager MariaTeresa Scicluna