A decade of Development

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Jun 2018
GFRA newsletter 2018

Online: Articles on FMD Exposed - Camellids to the Rescue; GFRA scientific meeting; Development and Application of the EuFMDis; FMDv vaccine quality; Laboratory report from Sciensano, Brussels; and a lot more!

Jun 2018
Atelier de travail

Atelier de travail: Surveillance pour la détection précoce et la confiance en l’absence de circulation virale de la fièvre aphteuse en Algérie, Maroc et Tunisie. L’EuFMD a organisé un atelier de travail en Tunisie du 27 février au 1 mars 2018 pour définir les actions de surveillance à mettre en place, fournir les preuves de présence ou d’absence de la circulation du virus aphteux en Algérie, Maroc and Tunisie et améliorer le rôle des parties prenantes dans le système de détection précoce de la maladie

May 2018
Webinars and More

Newsletter summarizing the EuFMD webinars, the Progressive Control practioners network and more.

May 2018
EuFMD and CIRAD have established a partnership which aims to contribute to the control of Foot and Mouth Disease in the European neighbourhood of North Africa and to evaluate the potential for development of FMD control options in West and Central African countries. 
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Oct 2017

Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Alliance (GFRA) newsletter. EuFMD article page 14

Jan 2017

Update of our training activities

Jul 2016

A recap of our latest training activities

Apr 2016

An overview of the EuFMD components for Phase IV 2015-2017

Nov 2015

The Components of the EuFMD: Achievements, new objectives and how to achieve them

May 2015

This newsletter shows the objectives, outputs, progress by outcome, major issues, significant plans and partnerships for each component. It also shows the Pillar Manager, the Component Manager, the member state nominees and beneficiaries.

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