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GS42 chronos



General Sessions

42nd  General Session of EuFMD, 20-21 April 2017 Rome 


Appendix 1.Agenda

Appendix 2 The monthly global report on FMD- March 2017

Appendix 3.Global FMD surveillance report, D.King (paper; ppt)

Appendix 4 The OIE-FAO Global Strategy, M.Stone, B.Tekola (paper; ppt)

Appendix 5 Towards a framework for resolving ethical (...), H.Grimm (paper; ppt)

Appendix 6 Outcome of a questionnaire(...); The private sector role (...) J.Dahl, M.Hovari (paper; ppt)

Appendix 7 Confidence in early detection of FMD (...), M.McLaws, P.Motta (paper; ppt)

Appendix 8 Needs based training (...), K.Ouali, M.De la Puente, J.Maud (paper; ppt)

Appendix 9 Cascade training, Italy, P.Simonetti, F.Calvetti (paper; ppt)

Appendix 10 Report of the Executive Committee, K.Sumption, EuFMD team (paper; ppt)

Appendix 11 Proposed updating of the Strategic plan (...), K.Sumption (paper; ppt)

Appendix 12 Reports on the current FMD situation on AlgeriaIsraelTurkey

Appendix 13 Vaccine and Antigen Bank, K.Sumption

Appendix 14  Report of the STC, E.Ryan (paper; ppt)

Appendix 15 Technical Guidelines and updated standards, M.Mclaws (paper; ppt)

Appendix 16 Technical Committees, E.Ryan (paper; ppt)

Appendix 17 Financial reports, C.Carraz, F.Pedulla' 

-Milestones (paper; ppt

- EC Phase 3-4 (paper; ppt)

-MS contributions (paper; ppt)

Appendix 18 Statement of intentions (paper)

Complete set of documents

Collated ppts