General Sessions

Report of the 40th Session of EuFMD, Rome 2013



List of appendixes


1. Agenda of the Session

2. FMD Monthly report-February 2013, V.Milicevic

3. Global FMDV surveillance information, J.Hammond

4. Remesa paper, J.Angot

5. Remesa powerpoint, J.Angot

6. Report of the Standing Technical Committee (STC), D.Paton

7. Minimum Biorisk management standards, B.Haas

8. FMD and wild boar: implications for FMD management, S.Khomenko

9. Socio-economics and decision making on FMDcontrol policies, R.Bergovoet

10. The implications of the decline in FMD research funding in Europe, D.Paton

11. The changing landscape for FMD epidemic management, C.Bruschke

12. Follow-up to the launch of the Global Strategy for FMD control, J.Domenech

13. Global FMD Surveillance Laboratory Network, S.Metwally

14. Summary of the EuFMD Actions, EuFMD

15. Report of the Tripartite meeting in Chania, Feb 2013, EuFMD

16. Activities undertaken to support emergency preparedness in EuFMD-MS, E.Ryan

17. Australian collaboration with EuFMD in the field of trainng, S. Turner

18. International Vaccine Banks Network, J.Hammond

19. Risk reduction in South-East Europe, M.Mclaws

20. Activities to reduce FMD risk in the South and East Mediterranean countries, E.Ryan

21. Eufmd actions in the European neighbourhood: Turkey, E.Irfan

22. Eufmd actions in the European neighbourhood: Israel, N.Galon

23. Eufmd actions in the European neighbourhood: Azerbaijan, T.Aliyeva

24. The EuFMD four-year Strategic Plan and 24 months work programme, EuFMD

25. Pillar 1 Work Programme, G.Torres

26. Pillar 2 Work Programme, K.Sumption

27. Pillar 3 Work Programme, K.Sumption 

28. Status on Vaccine and Antigen Banks, D.Dilaveris

29. Financial report from FAO, EuFMD

30. Administrative budget and Membership contributions, EuFMD 

31. Technical Committees, EuFMD 

32. Review of the article XIV bodies

33. Understanding to be reached between the EuFMD Commission and FAO

34. Understanding to be reached between the EuFMD Commission and OIE