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  • FAO China ECTAD Highlights - Vol. 79

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© World Health Organization 2015

WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC call to invest in defeating human rabies transmitted by dogs

Document presents a rationale demonstrating the feasibility of global rabies elimination

28 September 2015. Leading organizations in the field of rabies, WHO, OIE, FAO, together with GARC, are urging countries to develop appropriate investment strategies to eliminate human rabies. The disease is mainly transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected dog and is widespread in low-income countries, with little or no domestic and stray dog management or vaccination programmes. [read more]


Animal feed safety addressed during the Codex Alimentarius Commission

photoThe safety of animal feed is crucial for the safety of the food we consume. Stakeholders addressed the matter during a side event organized within the 38th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission that took place recently in Geneva. [read more]


Texas A&M University and FAO committed to promoting quality in feed analysis laboratories worldwide


A technician working at the Laboratory. ©FAO/Olivier AsselinThe course provides laboratory professionals with the breadth of knowledge needed to obtain laboratory data and results that are reliable, interpretable, repeatable, and defensible. Course topics include chain of custody, method development, information management, laboratory accreditation, and international laboratory standards. Improving quality control is critical for sustainable development of the livestock sector [read more]



  • ©FAO Utilization of Food Loss and Waste as well as Non-Food Parts as Livestock Feed
    FAO e-conference starts on 1 October: have your say! The e-conference is open to all persons interested in the topic, is free and will be moderated. Over 600 participants have already registered so far. Click here to read the Background Document and know more about how the E-conference will be run.


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