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A farmer feeding cows fresh fodder. ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

Ensuring feed safety: a must for the entire food value chain

Animal feed safety has an impact on the safety of the human food supply, the livelihood of farmers, animal health and welfare, animal productivity, and the health of feed producers, handlers and users. Several experts from around the world gathered at FAO Headquarters to review the current knowledge on hazards related to animal feed, the aim of the meeting was to provide advice to FAO, WHO and their member countries on the most appropriate use of this information, to identify knowledge gaps and to prioritize future work. [...]

in action

  • FAO/IAEA project successfully integrates insect birth control technique for thriving livestock sectorSenegal celebrates first victory against tsetse fly eradication. After a four-year eradication programme including nuclear techniques, the Niayes region of Senegal is now almost free of the tsetse fly, which used to decimate livestock. [...]
  • FAO is helping Georgia to step up its efforts to halt the spread of brucellosis in livestockFight against brucellosis translates into action in Georgia. The Government of Georgia has stepped up its efforts to tackle the disease, calling on FAO to help put in place a national strategy for brucellosis control [...]


  • ©FAO/Giulio NapolitanoMilk Talk – The role of milk and dairy products in human nutrition. Eight Questions we have answers for [...]



  • Article: Developing a continental atlas of the distribution and trypanosomal infection of tsetse flies (Glossina species) [...]