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8 Golden rules for sustainable development of dairy


Eight short, simple, illustrated and easy to understand rules have been developed with the objective of improving the health, husbandry and feeding management of dairy cattle of dairy farmers in the tropics. These are designed mainly for farmers and extension workers and are used not only in Asia but also in other continents [read more]

A virtual course enhanced capacity of extension workers to manage feed efficiently

Small farmer feeding dairy cattle. ©FAO/Jon SpaullA total of 22 participants from several African countries participated in the e-course on “Feeding management of dairy cattle in tropical countries” organized by FAO [read more]



  • ©FAO FAO and European Union working together
    Two EU-funded initiatives focus on animal disease prevention and control: LinkTADs coordinates European and Chinese research on animal disease prevention and control (epidemiology and laboratory aspects); ASFORCE provides veterinarians, pig farmers, hunters and policy makers with practical answers and prevention tools against African swine fever.


  • ©FAO28/09/2015. FAO convenes meeting on Anthrax in West Africa [...]






  • ©FAO01/10/2015. Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in Asia [...]
  • ©FAO25/09/2015. FAO opens the re-established central cold chain for livestock vaccines [...]
  • ©FAO25/09/2015. FAO ECTAD Marks the Closure of Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Project in Indonesia [...]