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SENEGAL :A technician analyzing toxic constituents in feeds ©FAO/Olivier Asselin

FAO-TAMU E-learning course strengthens laboratory quality control systems in developing countries


Analytical results impact every aspect of our daily life. Laboratories test the food and water we consume, the drugs we are prescribed, the air we breathe, and the products we buy. Laboratory quality assurance and quality improvement programmes play a vital role in producing sound and defensible analytical results. [...]


Insect meal has potential as a future animal feed, FAO study finds

New animal feed sources needed to free up land and water for human food

insectsAs demand for meat, milk and dairy products grows, the issue of what to feed livestock becomes more critical because of the limited availability of natural resources, ongoing climate change issues and competition between human food, animal feed and biofuel for land and water. [...]

Focus on... Ebola

  • Ebola outbreak in West Africa
    The current Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa is the world’s largest Ebola outbreak recorded to date. [...]