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FAO e-book collection


FAO offers a collection of e-books, featuring bestselling titles from the world of food and agriculture


Selected FAO publications are now available in English as e-books, offering greater content accessibility, portability and ease of use. Download FAO titles to your iPad, Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader and highlight interesting passages, bookmark pages, make notes or search the full text content with one click.

coverQuality Assurance for Animal Feed Analysis Laboratories, one of FAO most successful Animal Production and Health manuals is also now available for download at http://www.fao.org/publications/e-book-collection/en/

This manual gives a comprehensive account of good laboratory practices, quality assurance procedures and standard operating procedures. The adoption of these practices and procedures will assist laboratories in acquiring the recognition of competence required for certification or accreditation and will also enhance the quality of the data reported by feed analysis laboratories. In addition, ensuring good laboratory practices presented in the document will enhance the safety of the laboratory workers.

How to download FAO e-books?

FAO e-books can be read on all major portable digital devices and cannot be opened on a computer screen. Simply click on the icon showing the name of your device, and downloading will start automatically. Please note that in order for the download to start, your tablet or smartphone should be equipped with an e-reading application. If your e-reader has no browsing capability you must download the e-book to your computer and then transfer it to your portable device using a USB cable.  For iPad users, the file is stored in iBooks;  for Kindle users, the file can be accessed from Notifications and retrieved later from Web-Menu-Downloads.