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Terms of reference

  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Nutrient Cycles Accounting and Impact AssessmentTORs for:
  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Water FootprintingTORs for:


Niger: Cattle drinking from the Niger River. Photo credit: ©FAO/Ado Youssouf


Call for technical cooperation in Water Footprinting and modelling of Nitrogen and Phosphorus flows

Building global technical consensus through the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership

After having, amongst others, developed several guidelines and datasets for the assessment of GHG emissions from livestock supply chains, the LEAP Partnership is now forming two new technical advisory groups (TAGs) to build global technical consensus on the following two areas:

  • Modelling of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and environmental impacts
  • Water footprinting of livestock supply chains

Co-chairs and technical members are sought for both groups. Interested experts can apply until 22nd March 2016.


Members of the TAG on nutrients modelling are technical experts having a strong background in one or more of the following subjects: soil science, agriculture science, nitrogen modelling, phosphorus scarcity, resource-use efficiency metrics, animal science, hydrology, ecology, nitrogen footprinting, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), impact assessment methods on eutrophication, acidification, water quality and air quality.


Members of the TAG on water footprinting are technical experts having a strong background in one or more of the following subjects: water footprinting, water footprints of livestock supply chains, animal science, soil science, agriculture science, hydrology, and LCA.


Ideally, TAG members have a proven track record in research

and/or have built technical expertise by implementing relevant assessment schemes.


More detail on tasks, work plan, deliverable and application procedure for co-chairs and members of the TAGs is available in the right-hand column.