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  • 5-9 décembre > Qingdao-China
    PPR Regional Roadmap Meeting ASEAN countries, Mongolia and Timor Leste

Camel herders near Fada in Chad. Credits: ©FAO/Carl de Souza

Pastoralists’ complex tenure rights are key to community resilience 

New FAO guide offer pointers to protect a sustainable mobile lifestyle with special land-use skills

25 november 2016. Assuring adequate tenure rights to land is an important step in improving food security for millions of people in developing countries, but safeguarding tenure isn't so straightforward when it comes to the way land is used by mobile pastoralist communities [...]


Résistance aux antimicrobiens 101

Photo. ©FAO

16 November 2016. Comprendre les notions fondamentales, les défis et les perspectives de cette menace pour la santé mondiale. Selon les estimations, environ 700 000 décès chaque année seraient liés aux infections résistantes aux antimicrobiens [...]