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Guidelines for Applicants for Designation as FAO Reference Centre


How to apply

Application and supporting material for consideration as an FAO Reference Centre should be as complete and comprehensible as possible as described in the Guidelines for applicants for designations as FAO Reference Centres for SpecificThematic or for Specific disease focus (see box on the right hand column). Sufficient details to demonstrate capabilities in two or more of the following functions should be provided as described in the DG Bulletin:


  • standardization of technology, therapeutic and other ubstances, and of methods/procedures;
  • provision of reference substances and services such as quality assurance;
  • participation in collaborative research of a scientific, technical or policy nature;
  • contribution to capacity development inter alia through the provision of training;
  • coordination of activities carried out by other institutions;
  • provision of information and advice of a scientific, technical and policy nature.

Additionally, the institution should demonstrate active engagement in the fields of expertise relevant to the work of FAO and contribution to the implementation of its programme of priorities and to strengthening capacities of countries and regions; e.g. collaboration with FAO on specific projects for the surveillance, diagnosis and control of animal diseases.


Please note that it is a long process that will require several months for completion of all the designation steps.