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Veterinarian of the year: FAO staff member Felix Njeumi has been honoured by the University of Parma as veterinarian of the year

click to enlargeNovember 2015
On 29 October, FAO animal health officer Felix Njeumi was honoured as “veterinarian of the year 2015” during a ceremony held by the University of Parma’s (Italy) Department of Veterinary Medicine. Having been selected from over 1000 candidates, his recognition derives fromhis outstanding contribution in the eradication of rinderpest. Felix Njeumi is from Tonga, a small town in Cameroon. Since his early years he clenched the dream of someday becoming a veterinarian, working towards the eradication of rabies. With an absence of veterinary opportunities in Cameroon, Felix decided to pursue his education abroad...[Read more]

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