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Posters 2010


The Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources provides an internationally agreed framework for the sustainable use, development and conservation of animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. The Global Plan of Action was adopted by 109 countries at the first International Technical Conference on Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, held in Interlaken, Switzerland, in 2007. It was subsequently endorsed by all FAO member countries.


The main responsibility for implementing the Global Plan of Action rests with national governments, and to coincide with the International Year of Biodiversity, National Coordinators for the Management of Animal Genetic Resources were invited to prepare posters on their countries’ activities in implementing the Global Plan of Action. A number of international organizations whose work contributes to the implementation of the Global Plan of Action were also invited to contribute posters.


Countries Slogan PDF


Conserve through sustainable use for current and future generations

pdf file



We create and safeguard the basis for high quality of life in Austria

pdf file



Preservation and rational use of AnGR is a guarantee for the next generation’s food security pdf file


Préserver la diversité génétique, base d’une sélection animale durable pdf file


Sustainable management of domestic animal diversity for food and agriculture pdf file


Conservation of animal genetic resources: preserving the past, anticipating the future pdf file


Augmentons le potentiel génétique des bovins tout en conservant la race Ankolé pdf file


Promoting genetic diversity in livestock, environmentally friendly animal production and food security pdf file


Utilisation de ressources zoogénéntique pour le développement durable pdf file
Croatia Animal Genetic Resources – national and global heritage for the future pdf file


Action plan for self-sustaining native breeds and collaborating with breeding industry pdf file


Animal Genetic Resources in Germany pdf file
GREECE Animal genetic resources: key to diverse production systems and food security pdf file


The base of our future is the protection of our heritage pdf file


Safeguarding the future with today’s animal genetic resources pdf file


Livestock is Mongolia’s national wealth and subject to state protection pdf file


Conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources pdf file


Securing heritage breeds and allelic diversity both in situ and ex situ pdf file


Conservation of animal production diversity and sustainable breeding pdf file
PAKISTAN Food security through improved utilization and conservation of indigenous animal genetic resources pdf file


¡Conservando los recursos zoogenéticos por la seguridad alimentaria del Perú! pdf file


Conservation of animal genetic resources: through breeders and for breeders pdf file


Intensification de l’élevage pour une productivité durable pdf file


Sustainable use of animal genetic resources pdf file


Maintaining diversity of animal genetic resources is crucial for food security pdf file


Awareness, traditional knowledge, legislation, in situ and ex situ conservation pdf file

South Africa

Alive with possibilities for conservation and sustainable use of South African AnGR pdf file


Apostando por nuestras razas como motor de sostenibilidad y calidad pdf file


Sustainable conservation strategies for breeds at risk include consumption of their products pdf file


L’élevage, source de croissance économique durable favorable aux menages ruraux pdf file


Protect traditional animal husbandry and conserve unique characteristics of AnGR for the future pdf file

United States of America

Providing genetic security and facilitating genetic understanding pdf file

Viet Nam

Implementation of the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources in Viet Nam pdf file


Increase and diversify livestock productivity to contribute 20 percent GDP by 2015 pdf file


Zimbabwe is endowed with diverse animal genetic resources for food security and agriculture pdf file



International organizations Slogan PDF

Bioversity International

Improving lives through biodiversity research pdf file


European Regional Focal Point

Supporting the managment of animal genetic resources in Europe pdf file


International Livestock Research Institute
Better lives through livestock pdf file


League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development
Local Livestock: Staff of Life

pdf file


Rare Breeds International
Working together to sustain endangered native breeds

pdf file

SAVE Foundation

Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe
Promoting on-farm conservation of genetic resources for food and agriculture in Europe pdf file


Society of Animal, Veterinary and Environmental Scientists
Local livestock breeds: pledge of livelihood pdf file


World Pheasant Association

Conserving Galliformes, wild relatives of the chicken pdf file