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Activities and Outputs


To contribute to today’s livestock health challenges, LinkTADs will coordinate the development and improvement of new epidemiological and laboratory tools by linking researchers in China and Europe. LinkTADs will facilitate research collaboration between the two regions and ease barriers related to regulations, policies, politics and language.

A 36-month work plan has been designed based on eight closely interrelated work packages (WPs):

  • WP1 - Management and coordination will set up the basis for the project (e.g. gender strategy, advisory board, consortium agreement, etc) and ensure over the project lifetime the smooth day-to-day coordination of activities and cooperation among partners;
  • WP2 - Analysis of animal health and food security research will lay the technical foundations of the project by identifying the research areas where joint actions are needed and where the future activities of the project should focus. WP3 and WP4 will build on its conclusions;
  • WP3 - Animal Health Science (Epidemiology) will focus on veterinary epidemiology, exchanging knowledge and fostering cooperation in priority areas/diseases;
  • WP4 - Animal Health Science (Laboratories), similar to WP3, WP4 will focus on diagnostic technologies for early and rapid detection of animal pathogens;
  • WP5 - Supporting policy dialogue will provide the framework (which will be fed by evidence from other WPs, especially WP3 and WP4) and support international policy dialogue;
  • WP6 - Platform development will provide all relevant information about the project, EU-China cooperation and ongoing, past and future activities, and will generate the online, community-building exchange of experiences; 
  • WP7 - Exchanges and capacity building will facilitate short-term exchanges and training programmes between European and Chinese research organisations to raise the awareness of cooperation opportunities and ultimately enhance existing collaborations and encourage new partnerships;
  • WP8 - Dissemination and sustainability runs in parallel with the other WPs over the project lifetime, and focuses on maximising the project’s visibility.


Focusing on epidemiology and laboratory diagnostics, the broad objectives of the initiative are:

  1. to identify priority areas for joint actions;
  2. to link European and Chinese animal health research, training programmes and innovation projects;
  3. to ensure a wide-ranging network of scientific communities and stakeholders;
  4. to provide a long-term vision and achieve coordinated planning regarding future common research;
  5. to contribute to the international policies related to EU animal health and trade;
  6. to support young researchers through exchange programmes and training;
  7. to share and disseminate the results and methodologies within and outside the consortium.