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Recent and ongoing activities

  • Assistance in the formulation SARD related project proposals for international financial contribution to T&T field intervention in the Ethiopian Southern Rift Valley (also see “Support to Field Programme Development”);

  • Assistance in the definition of a sampling strategy to collect base line data in the boarder “Cotton Belt Zone” of Burkina Faso and Mali as first step to the development of intervention strategies;

  • Support to national and regional strategic planning of T&T interventions through the development of training modules for the integration of economic analysis with environmental risk mapping and production system analysis;

  • Implementation of PAAT-IFAH (International Federation for Animal Health) partnership on Quality Control/Quality Assurance standards of trypanocides;

  • Refinement and promotion of harmonized policies and strategies for T&T interventions aiming at a positive SARD outcome;

  • Further strengthening PAAT-PATTEC collaboration and harmonization.


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