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PAATTechnical and Scientific Series


In this section it is possible to download the Technical and Scientific Series, that is a monographic publication providing in depth information and analysis on specific issues related to the problem of T&T, its management and intervention strategies. Other papers submitted by scientists and researchers are also present. We encourage scientists to send us their contributions. Scientific updates aims at bringing to the public attention progress and recent information on technical and scientific aspects, fresh findings and initiatives enabling the advancement of research in tsetse, Trypanosomosis and related matters.



Intervening against bovine trypanosomosis in eastern Africa: mapping the costs and benefits


Linking sustainable human and animal African trypanosomosis control with rural development strategies


Geospatial datasets and analyses for an environmental approach to African Trypanosomosis

Collection of entomological baseline data for tsetse area-wide integrated pest management programmes


Standardizing land cover mapping for tsetse and Trypanosomosis decision making


Mapping the benefits: developing a new decision tool for tsetse and Trypanosomosis interventions


Trypanotolerant livestock in the context of Trypanosomosis intervention strategies


Long-term tse-tse and Trypanosomosis management options in West Africa


Economic Guidelines for Strategic Planninng of Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Control in West Africa

Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors in the Research and Control of Trypanosomosis


Assessment of priority areas for Trypanosomosis control actions by satellite data and fuzzy logic

Tsetse presence-absence prediction model for Glossina austeni and Glossina brevipalpis in Kwazulu Natal - South Africa

Integrating the sterile insect technique as a key component of area-wide Tsetse and Trypanosomosis intervention


Impacts of Trypanosomosis on African agriculture


Drug management and parasite resistence in animal Trypanosomosis in Africa


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