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PAAT promotes policy, scientific and technical strategic partnerships with international, regional and national organizations, institutions and public-private sector collaborations.



An agreement was signed between Aventis and WHO in May 2001. Under the agreement, Aventis donated US$25 million over five years, including the drugs pentamidine, melarsoprol and eflornithine, to support WHO activities in management and control of Human African Trypanosomosis, and in research and development of drugs.

Results obtained under this collaboration have been published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record: N° 8, 2006, 81, 69-80. The International Scientific Council for Trypanosomosis Research and Control at its meeting held in Addis Ababa stated: 'Considering the achievements made in the area of control of sleeping sickness, leading to the current reduction of new cases and increase of surveillance activities, the ISCTRC recommends WHO to launch an elimination programme of sleeping sickness, to adapt control strategies towards this goal and advocate partners which have regularly provided support to maintain their efforts and assistance'.

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