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PAATMeeting reports

FAO, the Focal Point of the PAAT Secretariat, organizes annual meetings of the Panel of PAAT Advisory Group (PAG) Coordinators, endorsed by the FAO Resolution 5/1997 as a statutory body, and of the PAAT Programme Committee, a decision-making body comprising senior technical advisors, representatives of affected countries, donors and international research institutions.

The PAAT Committee provides overall Programme direction on the basis of advice given by the Panel of PAG Coordinators. The Panel, in turn, receives advice from the FAO Liaison Officers, field based country representatives who assist in the collection of information on national priorities and activities.

The Panel of PAG Coordinators meets yearly in September. The Programme Committee used to meet yearly in November, from 2003 it was decided to hold the yearly meeting of the Programme Committee in March-April.

Reports of all sessions of the Panel of PAG Coordinators and the Programme Committee are available through the PAAT webpage.


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