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29 March 2013

Criação coletiva de porcas prenhas garante bem-estar e produtividade

Fazenda no DF é pioneira na tendência de criação coletiva durante prenhez. No Brasil, 99% das granjas ainda adotam o sistema de confinamento.
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29 March 2013

Miles de animales protegidos de la sequía en Combarbalá

En el 2012, la WSPA brindó ayuda a la comunidad de Combarbalá (Chile), luego que una de las sequías más fuertes de los últimos tiempos golpeara a los crianceros caprinos...
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
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15 February 2013

Preparing for fire threats

A number of Australian dairy regions sit in the most fire-prone areas in the world. Spring is a good time to plan and prepare to best protect your family, staff,...
Dairy Australia
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22 November 2012

Streets of Hope: Helping Dogs in the Philippines

Before the launch of our humane program to reduce street dog population and rabies risk to people in Philippines in 2008, the government killed 9-10,000 dogs per year. Things are...
Humane Society International (HSI)
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19 November 2012

Animals' Angels Lebanon Investigation, 2012 (Short Edit)

During an investigation carried out by Animals' Angels in the Lebanon very recently, our investigators observed cruelty to animals which can be considered as usual practice in transport and slaughter...
Animals’ Angels
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