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13 October 2011

Revised Common Agriculture Policy proposals fail to consider Animal Welfare

Eurogroup for Animals is extremely disappointed that the Commission in the proposals published today has missed the opportunity to address the animal welfare problems caused by very intensive systems of...
Eurogroup for Animals
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12 October 2011

American Humane Association Awards National Humanitarian Medal to Temple Grandin for Pioneering Efforts that Reshaped Animal Welfare and Livestock Industry

American Humane Association awarded its prestigious National Humanitarian Medal to Temple Grandin, Ph.D. last night at a gala celebration in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Grandin, whose life was depicted in...
PR Newswire
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12 October 2011

Government of Tamil Nadu Directs Egg Producers to Discontinue Starvation Force Molting of Laying Hens

The Commissioner of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services for the government of Tamil Nadu, the second largest egg producing state in India, has requested the Regional Joint Directors and District...
Humane Society International (HSI)
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12 October 2011

Shareholder Proposal Takes Aim at Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza for Animal Cruelty

The HSUS submitted a shareholder resolution asking Domino’s Pizza to report to shareholders the feasibility of using pepperoni and ham toppings that come from pork producers that don’t use gestation...
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
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11 October 2011

Welfarists unhappy with EU illegal egg solution

Animal welfare groups have condemned attempts by EU health commissioner John Dalli to compromise over the problem of illegal eggs from 1 January 2012 when the conventional cage ban takes...
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