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29 May 2010

DIALREL project

The DIALREL project aimed to address issues relating to religious slaughter by encouraging dialogue between stakeholders and interested parties as well as gathering and dissemination of information. Religious slaughter has...
European Commission
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14 May 2010

Projeto Fazenda-Modelo

O projeto Fazenda-Modelo da WSPA é um programa internacional que vem demonstrando formas mais humanitárias de se criar animais de produção.
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
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15 April 2010


HEART’s humane education programs seek to instill compassion and respect for each other, animals and the environment and give students the tools to make a positive, long lasting impact on...
Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)
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10 April 2010

Animal Welfare Project

The Animal Welfare Project is an independent pro bono effort of faculty and students at The George Washington University Law School. Under the auspices of Professors Mary Cheh and Joan...
George Washington University Law School
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16 March 2010

Consequences and Perspectives of a European Animal Welfare Label from a German Point of View

Currently, the European Commission as well as the Federal Government of Germany strengthens the improvement of labelling systems for food, especially for meat products. It is considered to implement an...
University of Göttingen / Ingke Deimel, Annabell Franz, Mechthild Frentrup, Marie von Meyer, Achim Spiller, Ludwig Theuvsen
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