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28 July 2014

Animals Are More Than Mere Things. Let's Treat Them That Way

If we start from the premise that knowing more, and caring more, about animals' emotional as well as physical well-being leads to changes in the way we treat them --...
The Huffington Post
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25 July 2014

UPDATE Nº2: Implementation of the European legislation on aniimal welfare

The European Commission is currently encountering difficulties to implement animal welfare legislation. Some of these difficulties have been associated to a lack of knowledge. Stakeholders (farmers, producers’ organisations, supply chains,...
Farm Animal Welfare Education Centre (FAWEC)
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22 July 2014

Who is Responsible for Animal Welfare?

Who is responsible for animal welfare? This is the question being asked today at the House of Commons and at an event on 16th June organised to mark the RSPCA’s...
CASJ - Robert Garner
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04 July 2014

Lameness in Cattle Part Two: Causes Associated with Injury

In this second installment, South Dakota veterinarian Russ Daly turns his attention away from infection driven lameness and towards injuries.
The Dairy Site
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03 July 2014

Lameness in Cattle Part One: Causes Associated with Infections

Classifying cattle lameness can be done along two lines; lameness through bacterial infection and lameness through injury, explains South Dakota State University Associate Professor, Russ Daly.
The Beef Site
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