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04 July 2014

Lameness in Cattle Part Two: Causes Associated with Injury

In this second installment, South Dakota veterinarian Russ Daly turns his attention away from infection driven lameness and towards injuries.
The Dairy Site
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03 July 2014

Lameness in Cattle Part One: Causes Associated with Infections

Classifying cattle lameness can be done along two lines; lameness through bacterial infection and lameness through injury, explains South Dakota State University Associate Professor, Russ Daly.
The Beef Site
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01 July 2014

In-Transit Losses of Pigs: Investigation of Hog Heart Health

Most of the pigs that died during transportation had a pre-existing cardiac abnormality, according to Kathy Zurbrigg of the University of Guelph and co-workers, and the heart lesions appear to...
The Meat Site
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01 July 2014

What Floors and Surfaces Help Cow Longevity?

Lameness problems in cows can be prevented through investing in construction but also in simple management considerations like reducing waiting times and exposure to abrasive and unhygienic floors.
The Cattle Site
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01 July 2014

Considerations for Providing Quality Space for Loose-housed Sows

Floor types, pen design and enrichment for sows kept in group-housing systems were discussed by Yolande Seddon of the Prairie Swine Centre in Canada at the 2014 Centralia Swine Research...
The Pig Site
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