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28 August 2015

World Animal Net e-Newsletter

Contents: 1) WAN Receives Special Status at the United Nations. 2) Researchers review scientific evidence on cognition and emotion in pigs, find pigs can hold their own with chimps. 3)...
World Animal Net (WAN)
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28 August 2015

Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 122

Contents: 1) Hardy cattle boost Zimbabwe farmers’ incomes. 2) Worries rise over outbreaks of avian flu in West Africa. 3) FAO boosts capacity of the Ugandan government to fight Foot-and-Mouth...
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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25 August 2015

Africa Network for Animal Welfare Newsletter, August 2015

This issue at a glance: 1) Vaccination in Naivasha and Voi; 2) Judicial Dialogue; 3) Naivasha Desnaring and rescue; 4) Desnaring; 5) Desnaring.
Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW)
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25 August 2015

Animal Voice Online Magazine, September 2015

Table of Contents: 1) The University of Stellenbosch shines a light on the way forward for the animals. 2) The Democratic Alliance makes a ground-breaking stand on animal sentience. 3)...
Compassion in World Farming (South Africa)
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13 April 2015

World Vets eNews - March 2015

Contents: 1) World Vets Carries out First-Ever Exotics Project. 2) Caribbean Sterilization Campaigns Completed. 3) Big Announcement Coming Soon! 4) Featured Volunteer Opportunities.
World Vets
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