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02 July 2014

Opinion on the Welfare of Farmed Fish at the Time of Killing - May 2014

The 1996 FAWC Report on the Welfare of Farmed Fish contained a section on ’Killing and Slaughter’, confirming the principle that “farmed fish must be killed humanely”. The considerable expansion...
Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC)
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28 May 2014

Voices from Women International Report. Invisible Helpers: Women’s views on the contributions of working donkeys, horses, and mules to their lives

In rural societies, where local culture and traditions are still strongly rooted, responsibilities and tasks are often assigned to women and men on the basis of traditional gender roles. Women...
The Brooke
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22 May 2014

Swine Welfare Research: A review of research dedicated to emerging animal welfare issues

This publication summarizes Pork Checkoff-sponsored research in the area on swine care and well-being
Pork Checkoff
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22 May 2014

Label Confusion: How “Humane” and “Sustainable” Claims on Meat Packages Deceive Consumers

Food labeling claims cover a variety of topics of interest to consumers, including the manner in which animals and the environment are treated during production of a product. Many labels are...
Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)
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05 March 2014

ANAW July - December 2013 Bi-annual Report

Contents: 1) Animal Welfare Program - The main goal of this program is to provide hands on care and support to reduce animal suffering. - 2) Communication, Advocacy and Campaigns...
Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW)
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