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28 September 2015

Electrical Waterbath Stunning of Poultry. Guidance Note N 7

As part of its work to promote the highest standards of welfare for food animals during transport, marketing and slaughter, and following on-going research into bird welfare during electrical waterbath...
Humane Slaughter Association (HSA)
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24 September 2015

The Grassfed Primer: Your guide to the benefits of grassfed beef

A Greener World has written The Grassfed Primer to cut through the confusion surrounding the term grassfed and to help you understand the wide benefits that real grassfed farming systems can...
A Greener World
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09 September 2015

Animal transports from the EU to Turkey (21 - 29/07/2015)

From the 21th until the 29th July 2015, two teams of Eyes on Animals and the Animal Welfare Foundation inspected the transport conditions of more than 80 livestock trucks coming...
Eyes on Animals, Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF)
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25 August 2015

Transport of Calves from France via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to Turkey, 04th – 10th July 2015

From 04th of July to 10th July Animals’ Angels observed three transports carrying calves from France to Turkey, via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, exiting the Border Inspection Point...
Animals’ Angels (AA) and Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de los Animales (ANDA, Spain)
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20 February 2015

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare 2014 Report

This is the third Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report,following previous Benchmarks in 2012 and 2013 outlining how global food companies are managing and reporting on farm animal...
Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW)
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