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12 September 2014

The Physical Condition and Welfare of Five Species of Wild-caught Wrasse Stocked under Aquaculture Conditions and when Stocked in Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, Production Cages

Several indices were examined to assess the physical condition of wrasse stocked on Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, farms as cleaner fish, and included examination of eye condition, snout erosion, skin hemorrhaging,...
Jim Treasurer, Tibor Feledi
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10 September 2014

The Importance of Controlling Horn Flies

Causing a seasonal spike in mastitis, Horn fly is the most ecologically important cattle insect pest in Arkansas.
The Beef Site
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09 September 2014

What Can You Do When a Dog is Threatening Your Livestock?

Ohio agricultural law specialist Caty Daniels runs through some considerations on loose dogs running through livestock in her state.
The Beef Site
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08 September 2014

Can Gravel Be Suitable Calf Bedding?

Bedding is at the heart of disease control, stress reduction and farming's image, which is why new bedding receives thorough consideration.
The Beef Site
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05 September 2014

Costs of Bedding, Trailer Wash-out and Transport Losses in Market Weight Pigs

Based on 2011 figures, the highest estimate for annual costs of wash-out and bedding to the US pig industry was estimated at $135 million, according to Rebecca Kephart and others...
The Pig Site
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