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16 September 2015

Influence of two catching methods on the occurrence of lesions in broilers

During the catching of broilers for slaughter, 2 to 3 birds are grabbed per hand at one leg at the same time. From an animal welfare point of view, this...
Nina Langkabel, Maximilian P. O. Baumann, Annika Feiler, Arsooth Sanguankiat and Reinhard Fries
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15 September 2015

Assessing the waddle: An evaluation of a 3-point gait score system for ducks

Impaired walking ability is an economically important welfare problem that affects poultry raised for meat production, including Pekin ducks. To gain a better understanding of the impacts of walking impairments...
Maja M. Makagon, Rebecca Woolley and Darrin M. Karcher
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15 September 2015

Assessment of welfare of Brazilian and Belgian broiler flocks using the Welfare Quality protocol

The Welfare Quality consortium has proposed a science-based protocol for assessing broiler chicken welfare on farms. Innovative features make the protocols particularly suited for comparative studies, such as the focus...
F. A. M. Tuyttens, J. F. Federici, R. F. Vanderhasselt, K. Goethals, L. Duchateau, E. C. O. Sans and C. F. M. Molento
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15 September 2015

Effects of color of light on preferences, performance, and welfare in broilers

Broiler houses are mainly lit by fluorescent light. With the expected continued increase in energy prices, the interest in less energy consuming light sources is growing. The light-emitting diode (LED)...
Anja B. Riber
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14 September 2015

Animal welfare in dairy cows: selection of health - and production - related indicators

Animal welfare has been defined by the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) as the broad term used to describe how an individual is coping with the conditions in which...
Martínez G. M.; Suárez V. H.; Ghezzi M. D.
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