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25 August 2014

Unwanted and slaughter horses:A European and Irish perspective

Internet searches demonstrate that horse numbers declined from 40 million in 1913 to 10 million in 1950 in the US and from three million to one million in the United...
D.P. Leadon
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25 August 2014

The journey to slaughter for North American horses

The utilization and role of horses in North America has changed dramatically within the last 100 years, particularly in the countries of the United States (US) and Canada. Horses at...
C. L. Stull
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28 July 2014

Swine respiratory disease minimally affects responses of nursery pigs to gas euthanasia

Objectives: To assess effects of swine respiratory disease (SRD) on nursery pig responses during gas euthanasia and to compare responses to carbon dioxide (CO2) and argon (Ar) gas euthanasia in...
Larry J. Sadler; Locke A. Karriker; Anna K. Johnson; Kent J. Schwartz; Tina M. Widowski; Chong Wang; Suzanne T. Millman
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28 July 2014

Early Weaning Can Save A Drought Year

When the weather is against you, early weaning can be one tool to grasp control and ensure cattle remain in good condition, concludes the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) at the...
The Beef Site
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08 July 2014

Understanding and Reducing Aggression Using Pre-exposure Before Sows Are Mixed in a Grouped Gestation System

Allowing sows to get to know on another - by being neighbours - in the service area seemed to make them more aggressive when they were later mixed in group...
The Pig Site
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