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A single access point for a wide range of information related to the welfare of farm animals. A participatory platform to retrieve and submit information, as well as to engage in commonly developed projects and thematic discussions.


Water Availability and Crowding

Optimum and minimum space allowance for grower-finisher pigs and the interactions with the provision of drinkers are explained by the Prairie Swine Centre. [read more]
The Pig Site


Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 122

Contents: 1) Hardy cattle boost Zimbabwe farmers’ incomes. 2) Worries rise over outbreaks of avian flu in West Africa. 3) FAO boosts capacity of the Ugandan government to fight Foot-and-Mouth... [read more]
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


World Animal Net e-Newsletter

Contents: 1) WAN Receives Special Status at the United Nations. 2) Researchers review scientific evidence on cognition and emotion in pigs, find pigs can hold their own with chimps. 3)... [read more]
World Animal Net (WAN)

Tracy Helman: Effective communication among all parties is crucial for success from FAOcast on Vimeo.

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28 Aug 2015 > IEC conference: Avian influenza and welfare
28 Aug 2015 > Large Herd Does Not Mean Worse Cow Welfare
28 Aug 2015 > Sherrie Webb Named Animal Agriculture Alliance Chairperson


21 Oct22 Oct 2015
Workshop on Pig Welfare
28 Oct29 Oct 2015
Tercer encuentro Internacional de investigadores en Bienestar Animal


In countries with high proportion of the population engaged in livestock handling, children's education is crucial to enhance animal welfare