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A single access point for a wide range of information related to the welfare of farm animals. A participatory platform to retrieve and submit information, as well as to engage in commonly developed projects and thematic discussions.


The effect of pig pen mates to be included in breeding programmes

Information about pigs' pen mates, advanced statistical models and genomic methods are some of the tools that researchers will use in a research project that aims to improve pig welfare... [read more]
DCA - Danish Centre For Food and Agriculture - Aarhus University

Codes of practice and recommendations

National Code of Practices for Management of Dairy Animals in India

India has made huge progress in enhancing milk production in recent decades with an all- time high of 130 million tonnes in 2013. The rising population and increasing demand for... [read more]
National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) & World Animal Protection


Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 114

Contents: 1) Countries pledge to wipe out sheep and goat plague globally. 2) EuFMD Webinars: The way forward. 3) What are the benefits and drawbacks of products of animal origin... [read more]
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Tracy Helman: Effective communication among all parties is crucial for success from FAOcast on Vimeo.

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16 Apr 2015 > How to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Asian Pig Production
15 Apr 2015 > Breeding Programme to Use Pen Mate Genomics to Improve Pig Behaviour
15 Apr 2015 > U. de Chile crea vacuna que evitará castración quirúrgica de animales


21 Oct22 Oct 2015
Workshop on Pig Welfare


In countries with high proportion of the population engaged in livestock handling, children's education is crucial to enhance animal welfare