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19 November 2012

Animals' Angels Lebanon Investigation, 2012 (Short Edit)

During an investigation carried out by Animals' Angels in the Lebanon very recently, our investigators observed cruelty to animals which can be considered as usual practice in transport and slaughter of "farm" animals in the Lebanon. The investigators observed how sheep from Spain were transported after a 6-day sea transport from Southern Spain to Beirut on an open vehicle and unloaded onto a pile of rubble. The vehicle had no ramp and the sheep were forced to jump onto the rubble. Several sheep fell directly on their backs and one got injured. These European sheep were destined for street slaughter for the Muslim holiday Aid El Kebir a few days later. French cattle, covered in dirt and obviously exhausted from the journey, were unloaded in a multi-storey car park, once again the facilities were totally inadequate and no ramps were used. The animals were just slipping down from the vehicle however they could. In one of the largest slaughterhouses of Lebanon, the investigators observed how cattle from France, Belgium and the Czech Republic and sheep from Spain were killed in the cruelest of ways. For example, they observed how enormous pain was caused to Spanish sheep being dragged in by their horns or fleeces and having their throats cut and laid out in lines to bleed to death. European legislation prohibits any manipulation of the animal after the incision and until bleeding has finished in order to spare additional pain to the animals and guarantee a fast bleeding process.
Author/Organization: Animals’ Angels
Year: 2012
Where: Lebanon
Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, cattle, cruelty to animals, importing/exporting, killing, pain/injury/harm, sheep, slaughterhouse/abattoir, transport