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19 December 2012

Call for Proposals - Socio-economic importance of donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary is an international animal welfare charity providing sanctuary to abandoned and mistreated donkeys and supporting projects to improve the welfare of working donkeys in 28 countries worldwide. It aims to improve the welfare of donkeys and mules through the provision of high quality care, professional advice, education and support on donkey welfare. We are interested in funding research to improve knowledge of the donkey in sickness and health and in particular is interested in funding research that positively impacts on the welfare and understanding of the worldwide donkey population. The Donkey Sanctuary invites proposals for research that focuses upon the socio-economic importance of donkeys and mules in a developing country or countries. Proposals are invited for a study to be carried out in conjunction with the Donkey Sanctuary. Applications are encouraged from multi-disciplinary groups; the majority of the work is expected to be carried out in collaboration with or by a University within a developing country. Applicants should be from an appropriate academic background with a proven track record in a relevant area of study.
Author/Organization: The Donkey Sanctuary
Year: 2012
Topics: donkeys, equides, human / animal relationship, socio-economical aspects