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26 June 2013

Inspection of loading of spent hens at a farm near Lunteren, The Netherlands (9-10.04.2013)

Over the past 2 years, Eyes on Animals has been routinely checking on the welfare of both broilers and spent hens during transport. In the summer of 2012 we published a report, called Cracks in the Crate summarizing the common violations and welfare problems we regularly saw. In this report we proposed solutions to improve the situation. One of our proposals was for the chicken (broiler and egg industry) to develop new designs of transport containers that better protected the birds´ welfare during loading and transport. Eyes on Animals is now in open discussion with several members from the spent-hen industry in The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as a plastic company that builds crates, to discuss what possibilities there are and what factors are important to consider in a new design. Tonight we wanted to observe the loading of spent hens into crates, to see if this would give us some new ideas on how to improve their design.
Author/Organization: Eyes on Animals
Year: 2013
Where: Netherlands
Topics: inspection and control , laying hens, pain/injury/harm, poultry/chickens, transport