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24 July 2013

Transports of Live Animals from Continental Europe to the Canary Islands, June – July 2013

In these extremely long journeys from Continental Europe to the Canary Islands non – compliance with the EU legislation on the protection of animals during transport persists. This leads to severe animal suffering. The Situation did not change since 2004, when Animals’ Angels first monitored transports to the Canary Islands. Many of the problems that occur during these transports could be avoided by a better planning of the journeys and by efficient veterinary checks at the places of departure. However, obviously the transporters and organizers affected see no need to comply with the legislation and to take all possible steps to avoid animal suffering during transport and the veterinary services at the places of departure either don’t check the transports or don’t care if the animal welfare rules are complied with.
Author/Organization: Animals' Angels, Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de los Animales (ANDA)
Year: 2013
Topics: animal protection, calves, importing/exporting, inspection and control , legislation, pain/injury/harm, pigs, transport