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21 August 2013

Minding Animals International Bulletin 18

In this edition you will find special update on planning for Minding Animals 3 in 2015 and notices for several Minding Animals Partner events: 1) Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference 2013; 2) Dogs, Pigs and Children: Changing Laws in Colonial Britain; 3) Encountering the Author: Animals, Equality and Democracy; 4) Animal Ethics: a practical workshop; 5) Animales en mente: Escuchar, entender, responder; 6) Animal Machines: animals and/as technology; 7) Our cognitive cousins: the intelligence of apes and dolphins; 8) Thinking Extinction: A Symposium on the Philosophy and Biology of Endangered Species; 9) International Elephant Congress and Ministerial Meet (E - 50:50) Special Lectures; 10) ICAS EU3 Conference - Technoscientific Developments and Critical Animal Studies; 11) An evening with Marc Bekoff and the Universal Declaration on Animal Sentience; 12) A seminar to consider Human Horse relationships; 13) Human Animal Studies Conference; 14) Zwierzęta i ich ludzie (Animals and their People: the Fall of the Anthropocentric Paradigm) Conference and Art Exhibition; 15) Affective Habitus: new environmental histories of Botany, Zoology and Emotions; 16) Between Apes and Angels: Human and Animal in the Early Modern World (CFP Close 31 October, 2014).
Author/Organization: Minding Animals
Year: 2013
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, ethics, human / animal relationship