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25 August 2015

Transport of Calves from France via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to Turkey, 04th – 10th July 2015

From 04th of July to 10th July Animals’ Angels observed three transports carrying calves from France to Turkey, via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, exiting the Border Inspection Point at Kapitan Andreevo. According to the information received, the animals were loaded at FRAYSSINHES, FRANCE and destined for KAHRAMANMARAS, TURKEY which means a journey of around 4.500 km. Taking into account the extreme length of this road transport and the importance of the checks at the Border Inspection Posts, all parties involved should have used their maximum attention to verify the compliance of these transports with Council Regulation No. 1/2005. On the contrary, the competent authorities did not check thoroughly the three transports as provided by article 21 and calves travelled for 7 days staying in the truck, in their own excrements, with diseases not treated, without food and without access to water, without sufficient space to move, in the heat of the summer, waiting long times at the Turkish customs and without appropriate rest. From the journey log it was already clear that the planning was unrealistic and the part of the journey in Turkey did not take into consideration the enforcement of the Regulation 1/2005, as the Court of Justice recently confirmed in its sentence No. C-424/13.
Author/Organization: Animals’ Angels (AA) and Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de los Animales (ANDA, Spain)
Year: 2015
Where: France, Turkey
Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, calves, importing/exporting, inspection and control , legislation, transport