29 May - 28 July, 2000


E-mail conference on
"Small Scale Milk Collection and Processing
in Developing Countries"



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For the purpose of this conference, the following definitions will apply: 

Small-Scale: Where milk processing units are involved that process less than 5,000 litres per day; very small-scale processing centres are those that process less than 500 litres per day. 

Milk: All milk from animals that is collected and processed, including milk from cows, goats, sheep, yaks, chauri's, buffaloes and camels. 

Collection: The collection of milk from more than one farmer to a collection point or centre. The collection point could also be a processing centre. 

Processing: The processing of raw milk into milk products like pasteurised or sterilised milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream, butter, etc. 

Developing Countries: There is some ambiguity regarding the definition of a developing country, but in this conference the list of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) is used, see e.g. 



The main focus of the conference will be on developing countries, although we do accept that a lot can be learned from small scale milk collection and processing in developed countries.

The moderators of the conference will make sure that all messages posted follow the basic rules of the Conference and are relevant to the subject of the conference. This is in no way to limit the views expressed by participants. We encourage and welcome a diversity of views, and we want you to speak your mind. As you do, however, we expect that you will follow some very simple rules.

Your participation in the e-mail conference is contingent upon and constitutes your acceptance of the Rules that follow.

For purposes of these Rules, each person participating in the e-mail conference, whether simply reading materials posted, reports generated etc., or posting any material or any link to any material, shall hereinafter be referred to as a "Participant". Similarly, FAO, and any eventual partners, shall hereinafter be referred to as ''Sponsors''.

  1. Personal Identification: Each Participant should include his/her name and country of residence in any message posted to a discussion. A Participant should never represent him/herself as another person.
  2. Conduct: Participants may not post libellous or defamatory messages or materials, or links to such materials. Participants may not post messages or materials, or links to the same, that are obscene, violent, abusive, threatening, or designed to harass or intimidate another person or entity.
  3. Liability and Responsibility: Each Participant is legally responsible, and solely responsible, for any materials, or links to any materials, that such Participant posts to the e-mail conference. Participants may only post materials that they have the right or permission to distribute electronically. Each Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsors of the Conference from any and all liability, damages, costs or expenses, or any claim, action, suit or other proceeding arising out of either any posting that such Participant makes to the e-mail conference or any unauthorised use of material posted to any such conference by such Participant.
  4. Accuracy: The FAO and any partners, as Sponsors of the Conference, cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy of any statements made in or materials posted to the e-mail conferences by Participants.
  5. Attribution: Regardless of whether they identify the entity by whom they are employed, Participants are assumed to be speaking in their personal capacity unless they explicitly state that their contribution represents the views of their organisation. For this reason, Participants should not quote the postings of other Participants as representing the views of the organisations to which those other Participants be long.
  6. Intellectual Property Rights and Fair Use: Each Participant retains the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, over any materials, or links to any materials, of such Participant's own creation that such Participant posts to the Conference. However, each Participant authorises other Participants to make personal and customary use of that work, including creating links to or re-posting such materials to other internet discussion sites but not otherwise to reproduce or disseminate those materials unless such Participant gives permission. Each Participant agrees always to identify the source and author of materials downloaded from the Conference if such Participant re-posts them elsewhere. Any FAO materials downloaded from the Conference will only be used outside the Conference if permission has been obtained from the FAO and the FAO is given credit as the source of the material. Additionally, each Participant expressly authorises the Sponsors of the e-mail conference to reference, summarise, quote and disseminate all or part of such Participant's postings to the e-mail conference in any summary or other document(s) that may be subsequently prepared.
  7. Nature of the e-mail Conference: Each Participant recognises and agrees that the e-mail conference constitute official FAO conferences in accordance with FAO's Constitution and rules and all applicable conventions.

The Moderators of the e-mail conference retain the right to refuse to post any message that they consider to be in violation of the above Rules, to publish the messages posted to the Conference in whole or in part and to modify messages posted to the Conference to ensure compliance with the Rules. The Sponsors may deny access to the conference to any Participant determined, in the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be in violation of the Rules. The Sponsors also retain the right to make copies of the messages posted to the Conference as part of the normal process of archiving the discussions.

FAO, 2000