Country: Venezuela

Date: July, 2000

Demonstrator/trainer: Prof. C. Fabra, Dr. Ponce, National Centre for Plant and Animal Health, (CENSA), Cuba

National counterpart organisation: National Federation of Farmers from Venezuela (FEDENAGA), Association of Cheese Manufacturers from Venezuela (ANIQUESO)

Type of demonstration: 7 Regional Conference

Locations: State of Yaracuy

Sector descriptor: The demonstration was carried out in the State of Yaracuy where 120-150 thousand litres of daily milk production. The distance between producers and collection centres vary from 15- 40 km. Due to the lack of electricity, up to 50 % of the produced milk become deteriorated and the processors are forced to accept the low quality milk. 

Type of raw milk treated (bovine)

LP-s sample

Control sample

Quantity (L)



Ambient Temperature



Time interval, treatment to testing ( 8hrs)








Government bodies consulted: State Ministry of Production and Commerce, State Ministry of Health,

Private processors/groups consulted: PARMALAT, FEDENAGA, ANIQUESO

Development partners consulted: None

Key Questions/Feedback:

Officer from the Ministry of Health agreed to carry out extensive tests as a preliminary step for the granting of the Registration /Use permission.

Farmers Federation and Cheese Manufacturer Association expressed great interest for the application.

Follow-up: Official support is essential for rapid approval of the application.