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Dairy cow at smallholder rural dairy production system around Gilgel Gibe dam area.

Country: Ethiopia

Cattle depend on natural pasture and crop residue, which are low in quantity and quality.The poor condition of the cow shows the severe shortage of feed during the dry season.

Training course in Cameroon

Country: Cameroon

The training activities of farmers to improve animal nutrition in Maroua.

Tuareg girl milking sheep in the Saharian Irhazer Plain North Niger

Country: Niger


In the arid plains of Northern Niger, called Irhazer, west of the Air Mountains the Touareg people raise and milk a robust local sheep breed they call "Ebirgual" and which is...

On a private farm in North China

Country: China

This picture shows milking on a private farm with 20 dairy cows in Heilonjang province

The traditional churn for butter production

Country: Cameroon

Butter is made by rhythmic and continuous movement of the cream in a traditional churn.

Summer milking parlour in Krasnoyarsk

Country: Russian Federation

A good cow of local breed in front of a summer milking parlour in Krasnoyarsk.

Women and milk

Country: Cameroon

A Peuhl woman with her calebash along the way to the village market near Maroua in Cameroon. 

Feeding cattle

Country: Afghanistan

In Spring cattle in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan are fed by clover.

Milk evaluation at the village

Country: Niger

The pH evaluation of the milk before the collection and transport to Cooperative Laitiere de Niamey.

Milk collection for a dairy processing unit that was built in...

Tikomart, touaregh cheese

Country: Niger

A dry cheese made by touaregh women from dromedary milk

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