AGRIS 对于分析农业发展状况,并由此指导农业投资、创新和政策制定创造了良好的机会。这一平台无偿提供一千二百万种、多达90种语言的信息和数据。这些信息和数据包括图书、期刊文章、专著、图书章节、数据集以及灰色文献——如农业和相关科学领域未发表的科技报告、论文、学位论文和会议论文等。



  • AGRIS News December 2020

    77 597 new records were added to the AGRIS collection, which is now indexing 12 099 175 bibliographic references. This monthly update includes records from the following 21 data providers representing 14 countries: CSAL in the Russian Federation Fundamental Library of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in Latvia Innovative Machinery and Technology in the Russian Federation Library...

  • AGROVOC in 2020

    This year has been an important one for AGROVOC. With over 38 100 concepts and 800 000 terms in 40 languages, AGROVOC continues being the most popular thesaurus in food and agriculture, but also covering all FAO’s areas of interest. AGROVOC has received over 34 million visits in 2020, 60% more than 2019. I am also delighted to announce a list of new publications related to AGROVOC. Special thanks...