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21/06/2019 - 

IFOAM Organics International is fast approaching the launch of 'We Unite‘  -  Friday June 21 at 4pm CEST.

The 12-minute film ‘We Unite’ is a window into the lives of two organic farmers and the reasons they join the yearly ‘We are Fed-Up’ demonstration in Germany. Along with hundreds of other farmers, they drive their tractors into the heart of Berlin where they unite with thousands of citizens calling for a better food and farming system for all.

Carlo Horn and Hanna Erz talk about why they farm organically, the impact it has on soils and yield, and how, even in times of drought, they are still able to harvest crops. They highlight the need for sustainable food systems that give farmers access to land, protect the environment, pay fair prices and provide good food for all. 

Carlo claims that the farmers must unite with citizens who stand up with them for access to land, good food, fair prices, and a better future for them all." In addition, Hanna Erz is an organic farmer in Germany that was fascinated by farmers. At the time, most farmers were male. It wasn't until she started meeting other women in the field that she decided she to join them. They have noticed over time that when you farm organically and treat your soil well, your yields are not low. Other organic farmers can confirm this. She affirms that organic crop yields can indeed be very high.

There are many things that connect people the world over. Food is one of them. We all have to eat. But what about those who grow our food? Do we know enough about the challenges they face, the work they do and how we can support them? The film offers a glimpse on the issue of land access and soil health, giving visibility to organic farmers. It also brings attention to the need to increase the use of public money in order to intensify agroecological practices and thus improve the well-being for everyone

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