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One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance


Call for expressions of interest from networks and organizations representing civil society and the private sector.

The Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance concluded its mandate by submitting its report to the UN Secretary-General (UNSG) in April 2019. The UNSG reiterated his commitment to antimicrobial resistance in a report that underlined the importance of implementing the recommendations. Furthermore, he requested the Tripartite Organizations (FAO, OIE and WHO) in close consultation with his office to propose the terms of reference and mechanisms for establishment of the One Health Global Leaders Group on antimicrobial resistance (Global Leaders Group) as a key global governance structure. 

The Tripartite Joint Secretariat on Antimicrobial Resistance developed draft Terms of Reference for the Global Leaders Group based on the IACG recommendations and conducted consultations with member states, civil society and the private sector through web-based discussions and events in October and November 2019. The Terms of Reference were updated based on the feedback received from the consultations and were reviewed by the Directors-General of the Tripartite Organizations before submission to the UNSG Executive Office in February 2020. In a letter to the Tripartite Organizations dated 15 June 2020, the UNSG approved the Terms of Reference and recommend that the Global Leaders Group’s advisory and advocacy role would be more effective if directly accountable to and therefore formally convened by the Tripartite Organizations on behalf of the UNSG. Please find the Terms of Reference here. 

In addition, an information note was developed to address the consistent concern raised during the consultations on the Global Leaders Group and the Independent Panel on Evidence for Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance about the complementarity and interaction of the three governance structures recommended by the IACG.

The Global Leaders Group includes members from civil society and the private sector. The Tripartite Joint Secretariat on Antimicrobial Resistance on behalf of the Tripartite Organizations is soliciting a call for expressions of interest from individuals representing networks and organizations of civil society and the private sector to serve as members of the Global Leaders Group. Members will be selected on the basis of their professional and political experience and must have either demonstrated knowledge of or commitment to becoming familiar with the areas covered by the Global Leaders Group. The appointment will take into consideration gender balance, geographic diversity and representation from across the One Health spectrum. Selected members will be appointed jointly by the Directors-General of the Tripartite Organizations on behalf of the Secretary-General. No honorarium will be paid to members.


The Tripartite Joint Secretariat or the Tripartite Organizations shall not be obliged to reveal or discuss with any applicant how an application was assessed or to provide any other information related to the evaluation or selection process or to state to any applicant the reasons for elimination.


Applications should include a Curriculum Vitae (CV) (maximum 2 pages/500 words)  and a motivation letter highlighting their contributions and what they will bring to the Global Leaders Group (maximum 2 pages/500 words) for consideration to [email protected] and [email protected].

Deadline for receiving applications

31 August 2020

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