FAO in Armenia

Our Office

The Republic of Armenia became a member of FAO on 8 November 1993. The FAO Representation Office in Armenia was founded in September 2004. Since becoming a Member Nation of FAO, Armenia has received FAO's support in implementing various development and emergency projects, aiming at increasing agricultural productivity and improving the country's food security.

The Government of Armenia and FAO, through consultation and agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, other national institutions, UN agencies, international development partners, civil society, academic institutions, research centres and private sector stakeholders, agreed to implement the County Programme Framework (CPF) focus on three priority areas during the period 2016-2020. The priority areas will increase the competitiveness of farmers, foresters and fisher folks and improve rural livelihood. CPF addresses technical, social and economic aspects, recognizing and addressing the needs of women and men at different stages of life, and the needs of the most disadvantaged.