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In addition to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, with its devastating impact on the agriculture...
As COVID-19 continues to threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Southeast...
The livelihoods of millions of family farmers in Pakistan have been affected by a series...

21 May 2020.  First International Tea Day Celebration webcast here.  The virtual event brought together the world’s top tea exporting and importing countries as well as major producing countries where tea cultivation is an important source of revenues. 

International Tea Day video

Learn more about tea: Tea Production as part of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

China, Korea and Japan have 4 tea cultivation sites designated as Globally Important  Agricultural Heritage Systems by FAO. These sites that represent evolving systems of human communities in an intricate relationship with their territory, cultural and agricultural landscape.

GIAHS video

Photo gallery on the Tea production GIAHS sites

#InternationalTeaDay #TeaDay

#Bee-inspired poems. To mark this special Day, we asked some well-known figures to record poems related to bees or beekeeping, or poems that recall how the behaviour of bees so often mirrors that of human beings across our planet. All audiograms are available via YouTube.

 To all unsung heroes  video to celebrate our unsung #FoodHeroes – bees and beekeepers! 

Michael Omer performs his version of The Flight of the Bumblebee

The importance of bee-ing pollinators a selection of FAO publications offering guidance, tools and analysis on pollinators 




Zero Hunger Initiative
FAO is calling on member countries in the Asia-Pacific region to step forward with national campaigns to promote the Zero Hunger Initiative.



Blue Growth Initiative  
Blue Growth is a long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine, maritime and aquaculture sectors,  and to enhance productive and sustainable natural resource management.  



One Health Initiative
The One Health approach addresses complex and interconnected problems in a holistic manner.

Climate Change Initiative 
FAO is working to provide a comprehensive programme of support for member countries to enhance climate action for agriculture.



The Interregional Initiative on SIDS—Pacific Component 
The Interregional Initiative (IRI) is FAO’s delivery mechanism for the implementation of the Global Programme (GAP) on Food Security and Nutrition in Small Island Developing States.

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