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Workshop on Regional Livestock Movements and Value Chains and Training on Evaluation of Surveillance in Live Bird Markets

01/04/2019-03/04/2019 Bangkok, Thailand


The experience of controlling transboundary animal diseases (TADs) such as avian influenza has shown the critical role of domestic and international livestock trade in both, the spread as well the containment of disease outbreaks. Value chain analysis is an integral tool in risk analysis to identify critical control points and high risk networks in livestock production and marketing chains. Modern livestock value chains are of dynamic nature and quickly adjust to economic and disease related factors, making the continuous updating of livestock value chain information essential.


  1. To update the regional map on livestock movement for poultry and pigs;
  2. To identify key information gaps in livestock value chains and the best strategy to address such gaps;
  3. To build capacity on designing risk mitigation measures for animal disease management based on the value chain data;
  4. To train selected participants on the evaluation of surveillance in live bird markets.


Concept Note and Agenda