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FAO in Bangladesh
To mark World Food Day 2019 in Bangladesh, the FAO held a rally today starting...
Bangladesh is to benefit from two new innovative agricultural projects – one exploiting seaweed and...
The Energy and Environment Technical Working Group (EETWG), comprised of United Nations Agencies and NGOs,...
As part of engaging youth and adolescents to spearhead the United Nation’s Zero Hunger Challenge...

The FAO Country Programming Framework (2014-2018) is a strategic planning and management document which provides FAO with a sound basis of developing its mid-term country programme.

The priority areas of FAO in Bangladesh have been agreed as follows: reduce poverty and enhance food security and nutrition; enhance agricultural productivity through diversification/intensification, sustainable management of natural resources, use of quality inputs and mechanization; improve market linkages, value addition, and quality and safety of the food system; further improve technology generation and adaptation through better producer-extension-research linkage; increase resilience of communities to withstand ‘shocks’ such as natural disasters, health threats and other risks to livelihood.

Meetings / Workshops / Events

  • 02 May 2019. Sensitization Workshop on Support for Modelling, Planning and Improving Dhaka's Food System. Hotel Amari Dhaka.
  • 29 April 2019. Workshop on Engaging with Bangladesh Parliament on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security to Achieve SDGs under the Challenge of Climate Change. Hotel InterContinental Dhaka.
  • 27 April 2019. Nutrition Olympiad 2019 
  • 19-20 February 2019. Bangladesh Blue Economy Dialogue on Fisheries and Mariculture.
  • 10 February 2019. Inception workshop on Strengthening Capacity for Monitoring Environmental Emissions Under the Paris Agreement in Bangladesh