FAO provides a wide range of data and tools for assessments of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities, and adaptation and mitigation planning related to agriculture and overall food security.

Climpag is aimed at bringing together the various tools, methods and various aspects on interactions between weather, climate and agriculture in the general context of food security. More....

TECA is an FAO initiative that aims at improving access to information and knowledge about available proven technologies in order to enhance their adoption in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry thus contributing to food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. More...

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Monitoring and impact assessment

Adaptation and/or mitigation


New_LocClim (local climate estimates) FAOCLIM2 (agroclimatic data)
GeoNetwork (geographically referenced thematic information)
CLIMWAT (climate database for use with CROPWAT)
Net primary production of biomass
Guide to climate data and maps
Koeppen's climate classification
Web LocClim (local climate estimates)Agroclimatic Hotspots
Agroclimatic data for tsunami affected countries
Impacts of Sea level rise
CountrySTAT (statistical agriculture and food data)
Country Profiles and Mapping Information System
AQUASTAT (water and agriculture data and information)

ECOCROP (crop environmental requirements database)
Land resources information systems
REDD+ database




Climpag Platform
Crop forecasting
GAEZ - Global Agro-Ecological Zones (tool used for land resources assessment)
GIEWS (GIS mapping tool for food security and early warning data)
AgroMetShell (crop yield forecasting)
ADDAPIX (pixel-by-pixel classification for zoning and monitoring)
ADDATI (multivariate analysis)
Windisp (mapping, image display and analysis)

TECA platform - Technologies for Agriculture
Water and Soil Conservation (WOCAT)
Planning community-based adaptation
The EX-ante Appraisal Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT)
Lifecycle assessment from livestock sector
CROPWAT irrigation management)

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