Bureau Members are elected at the beginning of the Session and serve until the next election.

The current composition of the Bureau and the Bureau of the upcoming Session is:

Session Date Venue Chairperson Vice Chairpersons Chairperson
Drafting Committee
Drafting Committee

26-30 March 2012

Cape Town
South Africa

Ms Susan Claire Middleton
(South Africa)
Russian Federation
Mr Yngve
Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, India, Namibia, South Africa, Thailand, USA
7th 7-11 October 2013 St Petersburg
Russian Federation

 Mr Mikhail Glubokovsky

(Russian Federation)

Islamic Republic of Iran
Mr S. Subasinghe
(Sri Lanka)

Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Norway, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States of America

8th 5-9 October 2015

Federative Republic of Brazil

Mr R. Roubach

Islamic Republic of Iran

Norway                USA


Mr Alistair Struthers (Canada)

Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Germany, Kenya, Norway and the Republic of Korea

9th 23-26 October 2017

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran










 For a historic overview of the composition of the Bureau in past sessions please click here: Bureau Sub-Committee on Aquaculture 

last updated:  Friday, October 28, 2016