Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/CHI/3601 Asistencia de emergencia a los pequeños productores afectados por incendios forestales en las regiones de Biobío y Maule 2018 2019250,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
EP/CHI/045/UEP Measurement and management of fruit and vegetable losses in the production stage at the national lev 2018 201979,005$
UTF /CHI/043/CHI Apoyar a INDAP en su contribución al Desarrollo de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina de Chile en el Marco de sus nuevos lineamientos estratégicos 2014-2018 2016 2018123,404$
GCP /CHI/041/GFF Establish a Network of National Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (NIAHS) (FSP) 2018 20223,046,347$
GCP /CHI/033/GFF Mainstreaming conservation and valuation of critically endangered species and ecosystems in development-frontier production landscapes in the regions of Arica y Parinacota and Biobío (FSP) 2017 20202,411,416$
GCP /CHI/034/GFF Strengthening and development of instruments for the management, prevention and control of beaver (Castor canadensis), an invasive alien species in the Chilean Patagonia 2017 20202,153,882$
GCP /CHI/039/SCF Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector (FSP) 2017 20202,500,000$
GCP /CHI/042/GFF Establish a Network of National Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (NIAHS) (PPG) 2016 2021150,000$
GCP /CHI/032/GFF Integrated National Monitoring and Assessment System on Forest Ecosystems (SIMEF) in support of policies, regulations and SFM practices incorporating REDD+ and biodiversity conservation in forest ecosystems (FSP) 2015 20196,293,684$
UNJP/CHI/044/UNJ-GLOBAL Programa Nacional ONU-REDD Chile 2017 2020856,000$