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      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/UZB/3602 Support to improvement of the national seed, plant variety protection and phytosanitary legislation 2017 2018327,000$
      TCP/UZB/3603/C1 TCPF: Evaluation of previous CPF and development of new cycle of CPF for 2018-2021 2017 201842,000$
      TCP/UZB/3604/C2 TCPF: Support to the formulation of project proposals for Green Climate Fund (GCF) and GEF 2017 201881,000$
      TCP/UZB/3601 Demonstration of diversification and sustainable crop production intensification 2016 2018390,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      GCP /UZB/005/GFF Sustainable management of forests in Mountain and Valley areas in Uzbekistan (PPG) 2016 2018150,000$