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      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      TCP/ZIM/3604 Community based fire management for enhancing forest health and vitality 2018 2018118,000$
      TCP/ZIM/3605 Support for the management of the Fall armyworm in Zimbabwe 2017 2018278,000$
      TCP/ZIM/3602 Strengthening the National Food Control System for Zimbabwe 2016 2018358,000$
      СимволНазваниеотнаОбщий бюджет
      OSRO/ZIM/701/USA Improved resilience, food and nutrition security of smallholder women and men farmers in Zimbabwe 2017 20182,191,288$
      OSRO/ZIM/702/WFP Building resilience of smallholder farmers by increasing small grains production and productivity 2017 2018428,040$
      GCP /ZIM/026/EC Smallholder Irrigation Support Programme 2013 20186,929,706$
      GCP /ZIM/027/SWI Zimbabwe Programme Framework for Support to Smallholder Irrigation Schemes 2014 ? 2018 2014 20186,315,790$
      GCP /ZIM/020/EC FORESTS FORCES - Forests Sustainably Managed for Communities, Environment and Shocks Resilience 2013 20184,280,098$
      GCP /ZIM/022/EC Increased household food, income and nutrition security through commercialization of an integrated and sustainable smallholder livestock sector in Zimbabwe 2013 20188,438,179$
      GCP /ZIM/025/UK ZIMBABWE LIVELIHOODS AND FOOD SECURITY PROGRAMME (LFSP): Climate Smart Agriculture for Improved Productivity, Nutrition, and Income Security for Smallholder Farmers in Food and Nutrition Insecure Districts 2013 201846,961,109$
      UNJP/ZIM/028/EC Accelerated community actions for reducing stunting in 4 rural districts of Zimbabwe 2017 20191,027,912$